Saturday, 16 April 2011

Music TIME . . .

heeeeeeey LONG TIME NO SEE TvT Loooooove u all miss u so much even so ur so quiet ;p sorry sorry ur so lovely<3 .

any way I felt that I wanna talk about some music so here I go :

First Korean songs :

TVXQ and the new album "WHY" of only 2 members حزن - U-know + Max -


the songs:

1. Keep your head down

-i love this song so muchحزن-


2. Maximum


3. Before u go



F T Island new album "Satisfaction" & it was the ending for One Piece latest ova قبل أحمر




and the last one is a single song for the Kim Jaejoong -JYJ+TVXQ- its a song for Micky Yoochun's -JYJ+TVXQ- drama (i forgot the dama's name! sorry its too long ;p) its a classic slow song its so awesome T^T



Second Japanese songs :


the band "NEWS" with the song

"Sakura Girl"


damn i love this song حزن



a single for Yamapi –"NEWS"s leader-

"my dear" from the album "One in a million"



ENJOYقبل أحمر.


  1. Hi sweeti

    how r u,

    i know llong time no see

    its coz i forgot my password:)

    ithahir ma tabaqty khitat ilti3irchib:P


  2. Sara:

    OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGG wallah kent 5aifa 3alich 3bali 9arlich shay :( el-7emdallah ur alraight ;******

    if u still have my phone number u can call or sms its ok :D

    LOL el-56a 5a6eeeeeera feha risk wayed ;p


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