Thursday, 3 March 2011

“M.Y.M” Plan’s + YAMAPI “Party don’t Stop” + Ask Me =) . . .


Hi ALL Open-mouthed smile how r u?! hope ur fine & happy ;*.

عذراً لانقطاعي المفاجيء –اذا لاحظتوا- بس ما قدرت ادخل الانترنت لفترة بالنسبة لي كانت طوييييييييييلة جداً بسبب مشكله عندهم بالشركة فـ (تعرفون حالات المدمنين الميئوس منهم ) كان مزاجي جداً سيء كنت اثور على اتفه الاسباب و اصغر الاخطاء, و لمه رد الخط رد مزاجي زيييييي الفل ( عقب ما عفست الدنيا طبعاً احم) بس الحمدالله ما صار شي خطير لو ناطرين علي يوم زيادة جان يمكن ذبحت الي حواليي Who me?, المهم ردت حياتي طبيعية و أخيراً الحمدالله .Open-mouthed smile

any way, now what does “M.Y.M” means!?

you dunno !!!! ok, it means “Make You Mine

loveyouu know when u like someone & u want him/her to be yours, but u don’t know how u can do that?! or when u should tell him/her about ur feelings?!

well, I don’t have a real plan Smile with tongue out, but my sweet lovely new friend Sara convinced me 2 talk about it, since I have a crush on someone already u know ;p, ofc Sara who gave me the idea, oo ehya –yomken mara 3alekom min 8abl dunno- eni a3archib 7a8a/7a8ha oo asawi ro7i moo ana ;p!!!, ana ta5ayalt hal-shay 3ala my crush & 7aset that he will kill me 4 sure if he found out that I did it in purpose Disappointed smile,

so if u have or tried some plans or ideas on ur crush plz share it with us Embarrassed smile;pRed heart.


Long time no talk about pop, right?!

so 2day I’m going to wright about the new solo album 4 the leader of NEWS pop Japanese Band.



he’s name is Yamashita Tomohisa or “Yamapi”.

(the photo on the right side is when he came 2 Korea last week 4 a “M!Countdown” live consort)

he’s Album “ Super Good, Super Bad”

usually I’m not interesting in Japanese pop, but this band got my attention Open-mouthed smile.


leave u with the song “Party Don’t Stop”




I’m not Sanji ofc;p, but YESOpen-mouthed smile now u can ask me anything @ anytime in here,


let’s have fun & know each other more Open-mouthed smile its a nice thing, also u can found it at the right side of my blog, between my twitter and my profile.

I’m waiting 4 ur Questions Red heart.

& sorry 4 the mess but i couldn't organize the post properly this time it was either organize it or add the video ;s , SORRY again :***.

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