Sunday, 9 January 2011

Cinema +TVXQ&JYJ

a5er film r7tla, 8abl la tabdi el-stupid exams!
it's sooo amazing <3 ,

I'm not an bollywood fan, but I really enjoyed watching it!
so an9a7kom tshofona ^^.

I didn't watch it yet, but I love Johnny Depp so much <3 , oo wayeed emda7o,
& I need to go no matter what =o=".


TVXQ is one of my favourite bands, oo lma enfa9law -coz of the stupid comany- I got so sad :(, wallah loo ana mokanhom I will never let go of this band, spatially this band!!!!!!!!
I hope they get together soon ^*^,
the last week the new album of TVXQ nzal :D FINALLY!
I loved the song "keep your head down"
also the video is so nice, give it a try :).



JYJ, ofc the album in japanese not korean -NP-
and it is nice I like the song "Empty" more than the album song title "Ayyy Girl"
any way this is the mv of "Ayyy Girl"


& this is the song "Empty" -LIVE-
Enjoy :).


+ADD 2 My Plylist <3.


  1. Hi romantica,

    the Tourist waayed 7ilo la i6ofich.

    momkin athefich 3l messenger??


  2. hi Sara :) :

    really? ok dam u geltay ena 7lo so baro7la ofc ;D

    yes sure, ur free to add me at any time 7bebty:).


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