Friday, 10 December 2010

Lucky day.

صارلي فترة طويييييييييييلة ما قعدت/استيقظت من النوم بمزاج جميل و عالي مثل هذا ^^ صج صج! نادراً حدوثة خصوصاً ان مزاجي متقلب بشكل خطير, و الله مرات اندم على اشياء سويتها بسبب هالمزاج المينون!

maybe bcoz it's my "lucky day" !?

right know :
me drinking cappuccino, listening to FT Island - sad promise, chatting with friends online & planing to what to do on weekend <3.

ow I almost forgot, for my new friends on msn & bbm thank u so much 4 ur support & love, love u so much :), & sorry 4 thinking that u might be a stalker XP SO SORRY ^^".

"stalker" remaineds me of Alex! OH! MISS U GIRL :( hope ur doing well ;***.

yeah, 2day I'm just talking about my self, do u know whats the meaning of this post!?
ok ok I will say it,

if u have a great mood or it was ur lucky day just spend it all without interrupting, & if u r single (like me^^) have fun until u find ur other half, but if u didn't find him/her u wont be sorry coz u at least had fun ;).

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