Saturday, 2 October 2010



How are you all?! -I'm so in a good mood XD-
I'm so embarrassing coz long time no see, & I have no excuse except that I'm too LAZY O/////O
+something was bothering me for a while ago & I'm so worried about him, he's 3omar (Gay Teen Blogger) if u know him please tell him that I'm really worried & waiting for him to contact with me ;(.


SHINEE new song
I'm so in love with it, Especially Lee Taemin's parts he's so cute ;$

This is the MV of the song I like the ending


I like this parts:
"Will the day I hold her hand ever come?, will the day I kiss her above her closed eyesalso come?"
"It's not my first time to be honest, I've loved and brokenup before"
"but it's hard, please believe these words, YOU ARE DIFFERENT"

Leave you with the full poem, ENJOY ;3.



  1. OMG i am soooo sorry girl

    i didnt mean to make u worry or anything w u shouldn't ! But it's just that i have no time for taking a breath tbh. School is SO hard this year and i have no excuse for the summer :(

    I MISS U SOOOOO MUCH!! Btw im writing a new post right now and ive already said i miss u so much there !!
    and u kno, ive tried sending messeges to u on MSN while u're offline, my guess is u didn't receive anything :\

    OMG i feel so bad for making u feel worried, im so so so sorry girl i really am

    and the song is just like Ahhh <33! I LOVE IT!
    the MV is great too, it's been a time since the last time i've heard K-Pop.. so it's gd to hear something gd now :D

    Miss u truely

  2. Gay Teen:

    heeeeeeeeeeeey baby OMG I miss u so so so sooooooooooo much:***** glad 2 know that ur ok T.T

    no its ok 7yati:) actually it's become a habit that I worry too much XS -HATE IT-

    yeah I saw ur new post & I will read it & post a comment immediately;)

    I didn't receive anything on MSN!!! well, need 2 check it out!

    7yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaati don't feel bad it's all OK ;D I'm just happy 2 know that ur doing good ;******

    yeah I agree <3 ;$

    Miss u more honto~


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