Saturday, 9 October 2010

professor love Rules!.

First of all u need 2 be sure that ur really really REALLY in love with him/her , second as they said u need 2 get full marks all the time and I mean it ALL THE TIME!!! I knew it's hard but u wanna some attention and that's if u were a quiet girl/guy, but if u were noisy or hyperactive u can do alot of things u can complain, being active during the class, or even u could say "I LOVE U" right the way!

& now ur asking ur self if I'm in love with a professor?!

Yeah, I'm kinda in 2 it right know :(, my lovely friend told me 2 be friend with him @ the first, so I decide 2 be friend with him @ the first day on the new semester :D, but until now I only saw his car ;S, I hate my bad stupid luck .

a7es el-post too small so I would like 2 write a short massege 4 my friends bloger:

Alex : I MISS U sooooooooooooo MUCH :(.
3amor : 7yaaaaaaaaaaaaati MISS U ;*.
Martin : my little son LOVE u ;p.
Nakedboy : LOVE u big bro be safe ;$.
Ricky : MISS u ya shreeeeeeeeeeeeer ;o.
Biscuit's : A7biiiiiiiiiiiiich sis ;3.

Adri ma 3ndi salfa ;p bs it's my blog so kaifi O.o" , LOVE U ALL :***.


  1. 3ala 6ary ur friends el blogger ..
    waaain Ricky mekhteefy ?!
    tadry shloona shakhbaara oo laish mekhtefy ?

  2. Anonymous:

    sorry tawni ashof el-ta3li8,
    ana a3arif his friend oo y8ol ena tmam el-7amdallah, but madri wallah waina oo lish me5tfi! I really really miss him :(.


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