Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New song's + Durarara + H.M

e7m hi all :),
LONG TIME NO SEE -اعتقد حفظتوا هالجملة ;p- الفترة الي طافت مع اني كنت مستانسة لاني خلصت امتحاناتي مبجر -اول مرة بحياتي- و النتايج كانت حلوة, بس اصبت باكتئاب تدويني, يعني مثلاً -من زود الفراقة و الوسواس- الحين قاعدة اكتب البوست و مندمجة شفت نتفت بسكوته طايحة عالكيبورد هديت البوست و قعدت انظف الكيبورد حتة حتة >>> صح جذي!؟ المهم اتمنى حق كل الي معطلين او الي بيعطلون عطلة سعيدة. ;P

LG تذكرون الاغنية الي كانت دعاية للتلفون "Lollipop"
الي كانوا مشاركين فيها
Big bang & 2NE1

نزلوا اغنية حق نفس التلفون بالصين now غناء: the korean band f(x) the chinese band
its really nice give it a try ;), -add it 2 myplaylist ;*-


the second song is 4 TVXQ "Break Out"
-add it also ;p-


third song is: 4 Super Junior & SNSD "Seoul Song"
-add it 2 ;*-.


there is a new action/romance anime
Broadcast date @ January 2010 4 age +17 Durarara

I saw the first three Episode and it was amazing I'm so love it I can't wait 2 watch it all *-*,

also I liked the anime songs but the ending song is more cool I love, I hope u will love it 2;*
the song by Yuuya
"Trust me"<3.


did u read Haruki Murakami's diaries
طبعاً الكاتب غني عن التعريف -كتبت مرة بوست عن روايته (سبوتنيك الحبيبة) قريتها بالعربي كانت من اكثر الروايات الي شدتني من كتاباته, بس هالكتاب لقيتة بالانجليزي كانت عيوني جذي لمة لقيته@@ جني طايحة على كنز - و اهوا فعلاً كنز كبير عندي- لي الحين ما قريته كله فما اقدر اقول رايي بس الى الان الكتاب عجيييييب طبعا و ما اعتقد راح اغير رايي ابداً ;p
c u ;*** <3.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

"Boys Love"

Hi all:),

"Boys Love"
Japanese Movie
Produced in the year 2006

The Story:
The movie tells the story of Taishin Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model , Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes sinfully attracted to him. Their love, however, is forbidden. The tagline of the movie is “All we did was love each other, but…our love is forbidden. Why is it a “sin”?”

1 year later the directed -Kotaro Terauchi- made
"Boys Love 2"

with the same male star Yoshikazu Kotani

The Story:
Kaori Aoi (Yoshikazu Kotani) is a teacher at famous boarding school for boys from wealthy families. One night, Kaori is dumped by his girlfriend and seeks comfort from a boy prostitute on the street. A few days later, Kaori welcomes a new student Sora Amakami (Atsumi Kanno) to his class, but to Kaori’s surprise, the new student is the prostitute he spent the night with! Although the two men spent a passionate night with each other, Kaori acts as if nothing happened between them; passing off the encounter as a mistake.

Meanwhile, Ichiyu Muzuki (Yuuki Kawakubo) was a wallflower until Sora became his new roommate. When the other students begin to ask questions to Ichiyu about Sora, he starts to become popular. However, one student is not happy about Ichiyu’s rising popularity: his best friend Riku Hanazono (Tani Kazunori), the son of a mega capitalist. Riku becomes insanely jealous and begins to bully Ichiyu in front of the other students.

Everybody in school wants Sora to join their sport clubs, but the young man decides to join the Ocean Life club instead. Focusing on the theory of evolution, the club is moderated by Kaori, who has increasingly become disturbed by Sora’s frequent phone calls to his cell phone. One day in the club, Kaori hears a cell phone ring, which is strictly forbidden at school. He quickly blames Sora and confiscates the phone; since he want to remove his phone number from Sora’s phone. Sora is devastated but Kaori eventually finds out it was another student’s phone who rang.

The circle of friendship seems to be going well until Ichiyu starts to fall in love with Sora and becomes obsessed with him But Sora’s cold heart rejects his roommate’s affections, causing their friendship to dissolve. Meanwhile Kaori begins to find out the complicated background of Sora’s family, helping him to understand why Sora shuts his heart off to his friends. As an understanding develops, Kaori’s heart begins to swell with love for Sora and soon their romantic reunion is wistful and passionate; with tragic consequences right around the corner.


"Boys Love"


OR @

"Boys Love 2"


OR @


*My personal comment: so fantastic and cute O/////O don't really like the end but still good, so u need 2 watch it ;),

+WARNING: the movies is kind of pervert or let me say its 4 over +18 years old ,SO if u dont like those stuff or u can't stand it don't watch it -just skip it-, so later don't say:" Junjou that bitch is a big pervert & how dare she didn't warned us :@", coz I already did, understood@@ !?. ;p

& 4 the rest:

Enjoy the boys love ;3.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year<3!.

Happy new year hun's ;***
متأخرة شوي بس عادي ;p

any way:
I wish all of u 2 be happy with ur partner, bf/gf, family and friends :D
play sing & dance all night long until morning :O!

thanks 4 my english teacher (Alex) 3shan 8alat le that
"Gay" = happy/happiness

so be happy 4 the rest of ur life ;D
& if ur not happy then,
Smile & Smile 2 be happy even ur tears fall :')

C U @ the next post enshallah