Saturday, 21 November 2009

NEW song's.

وايد اغاني نزلت الفترة الاخيرة و الاغلبية حلوين و فرقة يديدة نزلت و ماتحجيت عنها او قلت شي بسيط عنها مادري نسيت :$ احم المهم اسمها:

& yes i liked Amber the most ;p nice girl, right!?
3ndhom 2 song (Lachata - Chu) that i liked it the most and its in my playlist 4 sure ;),
6b3an aydad wa7da ehya Chu so ra7 a76 video-ha.


TVXQ new song (Picture of You),
long time no new song 4 my favorite band <3, i liked the song! so classic so simple, give it a try ;), also, put it in my playlist ;***.



OH! they r look so SAD!!! :( -couse Jaebum not with them-
the first song is heartbeat, mmmm well, i didn't like it :(,


the second1 is tired of waiting, I LOVE IT ;P,
its so nice i heard it million of times & i still LOVE IT ;D,
-add them 2 the playlist 2 ;)-.


Enjoy, CU ;***.


  1. first time here :)
    whats with the asian pop culture i used to like their styles, but there music !
    do you understand it ? im just curios ;)
    love ur blog i'll be a frequent visitor

  2. NakedBoy:

    welcome hun @ any time:),
    well, i usually watch the video clip with sub first, i wish 2 understand every thing they said, give it a try maybe u'll like it;D,
    its love u 2, thanks hun:).

  3. thaaanx :)
    i will and you have to do your best to learn the language i believe in you ;)

  4. NakedBoy:

    any time:),
    OH! u do? thank u hun T.T!
    i will learn it, & i believe u will love them;D.


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