Friday, 13 November 2009

HATE facebook:@.!.

I HATE FaceBook so much, that stupid website with evil stalker people :@
couse all my friends and lovers in it,

they always said: come on Junjou join with us in facebook come on come on its sooooo fun u will love it trust us :) ;***.!!!.

and i always answered them by: SHUT UR MOUTH U Freakin bastards & Get LOST :@!!!!!!.

One day, 1 of my best friends (that i hate her so much right now :@) convinced me 2 join facebook o.O!!!!!!!

2 give it a chance & 2 change couse i was felt bored that day ^.^'',

so b3adha in few days i got my first stalker in my life :( that was really scary, i almost cried that day <<<<<< joking jodan ;P
well, it was kimda fun after all that looooooool ;D

But never ever join that stupid idiot ugly evil site again :@

looooool he (the stalker) even told me that: its all OK really why ur afraid i just know all things about u & follow u every where!!!

LOL what a cute innocent stalker O////O.!.

dunno who bs some1 sayed that im afraid from facebook stalker but its ok 2 put my BBpin in my site?!

well, hun bb msn cute & welcome the all stalker or hunted in it (Big HUG), facebook is not (crazy kill) *o*
got it hun?!

4 the 1 who read this post & also use facebook, hate u so much @.@ OUT OUT!!

joking;p, just be careful hun ;***.


  1. hey there
    i love your blog <3
    its cute c;

    anyways , ive to disagree with you
    facebook is awesome ! i love it <3 literally
    its a great way to keep in touch with all of your friends , you might find some stupid stalkers
    but hey ! heard of anything called block ? :P

    cya xoxo

  2. Jinxed:

    hey hun:),
    my blog & me love u 2 walla;***

    facebook is awesome?!?!?! why:(!!! or am i the only one who hate it & think its disgusting & stupid?!
    looooooool block i love this invention;p my favorite hobby is to fight & get angry on some1 then block them, how nice is that:p!

    thanx 4 ur comment hun:) cu2.

  3. loool sis.. love u <3

    bs yep u're the only one who thinks that =P
    idk rly.. im not a big fan of it.. i actually don't have a facebook (well.. there was the gay one but i stopped logging into it)

    but i think it's fine.. and.. tha fact that u put ur BBPin here and think fb is so 'public' just made me LOL like a crazy bitch xD!

  4. Umm, I have a facebook account ...
    Lol ;Pp Wallah i log in to play the games there and to the latest updates of my friends ;)

  5. my cute ototo:

    7yaaaaaaaaaaaati love u more walla;***<3
    loooooool eh2 eh2 I'm in shock @O@
    u stopped it! awww i love u more & more 3ayal;D never change ur mind ok?!,
    LoooL "crazy bitch"! me 2;P.

  6. Buscuit:

    then 1/2 love u, 1/2 hate u;p
    joking love u 7adi:),
    thanks & cy;***.


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